By connecting with our Body, we are connecting with the felt experience of life that lives through the body. We connect with the unique stories that live inside our body: with our longings, our desires, with our traumas, with our beliefs, with our values, with our authentic, free nature and with everything that keeps us from living from our uniqueness. The story of our bodies, connects us to the greater story of the Earth, to stories that we share collectively and yet, are all experiencing in our own unique way. Our body connects us to our intuitive nature, to the cyclical patterns of nature, to our natural rhythms… and invites us to start listening and moving with them.

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Individual Support

We all have experienced trauma to a certain degree. Trauma is any tension or supressed feeling from our past experiences that linger somewhere within our body and our psyche. In which the trauma is not so much about what happened, but rather it is our experience of it and how we were able to deal with the experience that turns it into a trauma or not. Trauma is often accompanied with overwhelming feelings that were too much to handle with or were shut down in the moment. Instead we create coping mechanisms and survival strategies to keep us safe. While these mechanisms might give us a sense of safety and help us in getting our needs met when we were young(er), they can become very limiting when as we grow and evolve. Sooner or later we have to turn inside and feel those feelings that once were too much to deal with. And that is where our body comes in as a great teacher to support us in getting back in touch with who we really are…

Conscious Relating

In conscious relating we acknowledge that we can’t expect someone or something to change in order for us to feel differently, or behave differently. Conscious Relating invites us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, our own emotions and behaviours. Whenever we are triggered by someone or something, we are offered a mirror to get in touch with deeper parts of ourselves. We can get in touch with the parts of ourselves that are still unloved by us, get in touch with some of our deepest rooted belief systems about ourselves and with the parts of ourselves where we haven’t taken full responsibility for yet. As well as learning to express our boundaries, our needs and our desires. To stand for our own values, our own truth and learn to show up from a place of unconditional love for ourselves and our surroundings. Conscious Relating allows us to grow together, to be vulnerable and transparent with each other about what is alive in us, to meet each other with compassion while staying true to our own heart and to transform co-dependency into self-empowerment.

Eating Disorders

More information coming soon. If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder and/or other mental health issues and are looking for support. Send me a message through my contact page


  • Inner Child Work
  • Embodied Awareness practices
  • Shadow Work
  • Somatic Experiencing 
  • Ancestral Work
  • Heartcoherence Techniques
  • Nature
  • Natural Medicine
  • Breath
  • Conscious Relating
  • Shamanic Practices & Rituals
  • Movement & Touch
  • Working with Sound & the Voice
  • Creative Expression

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