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My Story

About 10 years ago I became very ill: I struggled with an eating disorder and a depression. When I couldn’t find the support I needed within the Western mental health care system, I embarked on an inner journey to find my way home back to myself. I made a commitment to listen to, follow and be true to my Heart – to find my own truth and learn to live from there. To consciously choose what I want to embody as a woman, as a human being and focus my awareness on what I want to call into this world, which is always love, harmony, balance, truth, respect, appreciation and gratitude for what is. Because it is from this acceptance and appreciation of what is here now, who we are here now and where we are that space opens up for transformation and growth to occur.

Through my life experiences I have gained a lot of wisdom about the human psyche and I have always had a great compassion for the human experience. We all carry the ability to step into self-empowerment and take responsibility for our lives: for our thoughts, our actions and our emotions. 
To point to something outside of ourselves and demand it to change, so that we can feel better, is to point at your own reflection in the mirror and expect it to be different. The way is always in – and through. To grow in our ability to respond, rather than react, to whatever life is presenting us with. And for me individually, the only way is all the way. 

In that I practice a compassionate radical acceptance to whatever life is presenting me with and (am learning to) free myself from (self)judgement. Where there is love, it is impossible to judge – making it easier to be welcoming to what is arising and instead of running away from it or suppressing it, we can move towards it with curiosity and compassion. 
This approach to life has given me a lot of insight about what caused the dis-ease within me, while simultaneously opened a door, a pathway of how to heal from it and become again the conscious co-creator of my life. 

It is a humbling path of surrender, of integrity, of honesty, patience and trust. Trust wihin myself and within the greater mystery of life. That everything is always unfolding perfectly, in its own rhythm and at its own time…

With love for the human heart, for life, for the Earth, for being,
Aylynn Ayni

About SAMA Medicine

SAMA Medicine offers a space to discover for yourself how to live truthfully to your heart. To support you in embodying your unique self and to empower you to listen to your inner voices of wisdom, guidance and truth. To offer a safe, held, loving container to explore the inner landscapes of your being and to allow anything that rises to the surface to come up and to be welcomed with compassion.

‘Sama’ in Sansrkit means ‘even’ or ‘equal’ and is the quality of calmness and tranquillity of mind. It is the root of the concept of ‘Samatva’, which means ‘equanimity’. This equanimity is at the heart of Sama Medicine. Practicing equanimity towards every living being, towards our own thoughts and feelings and towards everything that we encounter within life. Welcoming everything that arises – like waves in an ocean filled with aliveness. Learning to embrace and integrate all the aspects of self, by getting to know our shadow and bring home everything that we suppressed, pushed away or forced to be a certain way. To connect with our bodies, with our hearts, with our minds and feelings and welcome ourselves home to ourselves. It is only from a complete embrace, that our lives can begin to grow into what it is meant to be.

“Someone I love once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand, that this too was a gift.”

– Mary Oliver