About SAMA Medicine

SAMA Medicine offers a space to discover for yourself how to live truthfully to your heart. To support you in embodying your unique self and to empower you to listen to your inner voices of wisdom, guidance and truth. To offer a safe, held, loving container to explore the inner landscapes of your being and to allow anything that rises to the surface to come up and to be welcomed in trust.

‘Sama’ in Sansrkit means ‘even’ or ‘equal’ and is the quality of calmness and tranquillity of mind. It is the root of the concept of ‘Samatva’, which means ‘equanimity’. This equanimity is at the heart of Sama Medicine. Practicing equanimity towards every living being, towards our own thoughts and feelings and towards everything that we encounter within life. Welcoming everything that arises – like waves in an ocean filled with aliveness. Learning to embrace and integrate all the aspects of self, by getting to know our shadow and bring home everything that we suppressed, pushed away or forced to be a certain way. To connect with our bodies, with our hearts, with our minds and feelings and welcome ourselves home to ourselves. It is only from a complete embrace, that our lives can begin to grow into what it is meant to be.

About Me

Everything I share and offer has touched me deeply on my own journey with life. Dealing with mental disease and an eating disorder when I was younger, has brought me to my own journey of re-membering who I truly am and embodying what feels true to my heart. A journey committed to living from a heartfelt place of wholeness, by facing, embracing and bringing home everything that lives inside that wholeness. I welcome all darkness and all lightness, all heaviness and all brightness, I welcome each and everyone and will to the best of my ability be a mirror to support you in recognizing, acknowledging, honouring, embodying and loving who you truly are. To be a mirror to support you in getting a deeper understanding of yourself and peeling off layers that are obstructing you from radiating your uniqueness. 

Within my journey I have learned that life is never against us, but is always working in our favour to bring us closer to the truth of our hearts. My ‘dis-ease’ has been a gift that led me into places, encounters, experiences, feelings, opportunities, beingness and a deeper connection to myself, to the Earth and to life – for which I am grateful each and every single day.
This journey through life continues to amaze and inspire me and with a humble heart I love sharing what I have learned along the way.

With love from my heart, always,
Aylynn Ayni

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“Someone I love once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand, that this too was a gift.”

– Mary Oliver