Holding Space [for yourself] #1 // Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Be here now.
Let go of doing. Let go of striving. Let go of your lists, of planning, of trying to sort things out and of figuring it out.
Just be here now.
Be with yourself in the most gentle, loving way. Softening towards your thoughts. Towards your feelings. Towards your body. Towards this moment. Moving gently. Breathing naturally.

Be here now, gently.
Allowing yourself to be as you are in THIS moment. By allowing ourselves to be as we are, we are an example to others to do the same.
All of you is welcome here. We often judge some parts of ourselves as they are coming up. They are coming up because they are ready to be seen, to be felt and to be integrated, by being welcomed.

Did you know that it takes the body only 90 seconds to break down the physiological reaction of an emotion? If we can practice equanimity towards our thoughts and feelings, we start to embrace more of life and how it shows up for us. Instead of resisting, rejecting, fighting and/or defending something, a space opens up to relax deeper into ourselves.

Be here now
Be present with what is and allow your awareness to open to all the sensations of this moment. Like you are floating in an ocean of sensations passing through you and surrounding you. Feel them as if you are feeling them for the first time. With curiosity, with excitement, with aliveness. Rest as long in your ocean as needed. If you can allow yourself to move deeper into it, feel the movement that moves you. Allow it to move you and let it take you somewhere unknown.

This is part of the ‘Holding [space for] yourself’ series, in which I share practices of how to move with compassion and love through moments of transformation and transitioning – to move more in tune with your own nature with the ever changing cycles of Life.

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