‘Where do I belong?’ is a question that has been and for many of us, still is, circulating through our thoughts. Feeling unsettled in the place where you grew up, the family that you ‘belong’ too, the society that doesn’t fit you… There can be many life events that trigger this question, that can be followed by many life events in which we try to define its answer.

You belong to your body and your body belongs to the Earth. Just like the Earth you may treat you body as it is something you own, you may control your body, you may use your body, abuse your body, take advantage of it or allow it to be taken advantage off.
You may forget about your body and you may forget about the ancient wisdom that is embedded within your body. But just like the Earth, your body unconditionally loves you. No matter how bad you treat your body, try to run away from your body, reject your body… It will welcome you home, again and again.

You body is a gift from the Earth, to experience through it her exquisite love for you. Your body is an extension of her body. Just like the trees are. Just like the oceans. Just like the mountains. Within you is the same potential for growth and blossoming. The potential to move with your natural inner currents. The potential to stand your ground, even through earthquakes and avalanches. To be deeply connected, with the source that gives you life. So whenever you find yourself searching for a place to belong, a place to find refuge… Search for the trees, the waters, the mountains, the birds and realise, that just like them you belong.

You belong to the Earth and she is calling you to come home by coming home to your body.

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