Conscious Relating

Conscious Relating can be practiced by yourself, with your partner, a family member, a friend, a colleague or even by a whole group of people. In conscious relating we acknowledge that we invite certain experiences and people into our lives to get in touch more deeply with ourselves. It is acknowledging that we are conscious creators and that expecting something outside of ourselves to change so we can feel better is actually looking at our own reflection in the mirror and demanding it to look differently. Instead it is an inner journey in which we ask ourselves: what is this person or this situation helping me getting in touch with? 

The Session

These sessions are for couples, friends, families, colleagues and groups that want to bring more awareness, openness and communication to their connection. During the session you are invited to bring in anything that is alive for you: these can be returning patterns that keep playing out between you, situations where you feel stuck together, parts where you feel unheard and unseen or anything else that you are confronted with in relating with each other. 

I create a safe and held container for both of you to be able to share. Through self-inquiry you will practice to feel and listen deeply what is touched within you and practice speaking from that place. Instead of projecting ‘I feel this way because you did this or you said that’, we will communicate from a place in which we take responsibility over what it brings out in us: ‘when you do this, it brings me in touch with…’ ‘when you say that it reminds me of when … and I notice it makes me feel this way’ etc. 
Together we will unpack the situation, the triggers, the stories and get in touch with the deeper rooted belief systems, traumas and fears that are beneath it. 

If this resonates with you and you would like to book a session, you can go to my contact page here. Or you can send me a message there with any questions your might have or to ask for a free 20 minute get-to-know each other call.

The sessions happen online through Zoom/Skype, at your home (note that I charge additional travel costs of €0,22 p/km), or in Harskamp (Veluwe)