Dear HUman, dear You

“I love to see how you are giving space for your process to unfold,
how you allow yourself to learn from your experiences.”

artwork ‘The I Am’ by Annelie Solis

Dear human, dear YOU

I would like to take the opportunity to express my love for you. To tell you what I like about you and how amazing you are. All I would like to ask of you, or invite you to, is to be receptive to this love. To receive the love that is given to you.

I want to let you know that I love you. I love you in every shape, form, colour and size you come. I love all of your different faces, all of your different body shapes. I love the way you wear your unique beauty. I love the way a smile arises from your heart and spreads all over your face.
I love how you are different from everyone else.
I love to look you in the eyes. Which are the reflection of the soul. I love to read your life’s story in your eyes. To see your joy, your sadness and your anger too.
I love to hear about your dreams and about your adventures that have brought you to who you are today.

I love to see you stand up for your worth. How you embody a deep knowing that you are good enough and already perfect as you are.
I love it when you are clear on your boundaries and express your desires.
I love how you are giving yourself space to follow your own rhythm, to follow your own heart and discover your own path through life. I love to see how you are giving space for your process to unfold, how you allow yourself to learn from your experiences.
I love how you love your humanness and how you recognize the sacredness within yourself and all of life.
I love the unique ways in which you express yourself and what is going on in your inner world. I love your unique creativity, your unique voice. I love to hear what you love, what inspires you, what moves you, what touches you and what really matters to you in life. Where you put value. What is drawing your attention and where you direct your energy.
I love your unique perspectives, your unique way of looking at yourself and your surroundings.
I love how you learn to trust life, be open and receptive to life and approach life with a child like curiosity and wonder.
I love the inner child in you and love to see her/him come out and play.

I love how present you can be with yourself, with others and with nature. I love how able you are to listen: to listen what is going on inside of you, to listen to someone else without taking anything personally, and to listen to nature and how you follow her ways of balance, harmony, cycles, rhythms, growth, expansion, creativity, acceptance of life and dead, beauty, strength and abundance.
I love to see you meet your brothers and sisters as equals and I love how you acknowledge each other’s beauty, how you honour each other’s perspectives and way of being and I love seeing you relating with honesty, authenticity and an open heart.
Oh how I love your beautiful heart and the love that ripples out with every heart beat and lights up your inner sky and fills the space you are in with love…

I love to see you walk with your head up high and your feet deeply rooted in the soil beneath you.
I love how free you allow yourself to be. How you make peace with your past. How you allow yourself to feel what wants to be felt and how you welcome everything that arises.
I love how you reach out to others to ask for support when needed. That you realize that you don’t have to do anything on your own and I love how okay it is for you to not know.

I love how you become aware of how you are nurturing yourself. How you become aware of this present moment and the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, patterns and structures that are present. I love how you use your freedom of choice to choose from your heart what really nurtures your mind, your body, your heart and your spirit.

I love how you step into your power and shine unapologetically your beautiful light all around you.
I love to welcome all of you. I love to love you.
Dear you, I love you.

May this love be received in every little cell within your body and in every space between the cells in your body. May they attune to the frequency of love and may love be received by you, given by you and deeply embodied by you.

With all the love from my heart to yours

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