Holding Space [for yourself] #2 // Movement


“To start moving is is to allow yourself to surrender to your body, 

to your breath and to this moment.”

A lot might be on the move around you. Relationships, jobs and locations in your outer world might be transforming and transitioning. Remember that all is just an outer reflection of everything that is transforming and transitioning within yourself. That it is the inner movement that sets all outside in movement.
We are collectively moving through a lot of energy. Old habits, disempowering beliefs and stuck emotions are flowing out of our system and it might take some time to adjust to this cleared space inside yourself and to integrate new ways of being.

Physically moving your body is a very natural and intuitive way to move with emotions and (intense) energies.
It is known that animals (and to some extent little children too) shiver and shake to release any tension in the body that might be caused by intense emotions. We human beings however tend to go into freeze and lock all these emotions inside our muscles and cellular memory.
Time to shiver, shake and relax that tightened nervous system. When we can allow embrace and allow the movements to happen, the body becomes more spacious inside, supporting a more natural flow of all that is on the move through you. Whether you like to take a walk in the forest, go for a run, do yoga, shake or dance – when we feel we’re not going anywhere, are running in circles or feel stuck, sometimes all we have to do is get up and start moving.

Taking a first step and feeling where that is taking you. Feeling all the sensations happening in your body by simply lifting an arm. To become present with the movement, arriving in the movement and surrendering to the movement.

We already impose so much on ourselves and our bodies about what we ‘should’ do. To start a movement is not about to start a next to-do-list or 10 step plan and it is surely not about putting any more stress on your body in any other way. To start moving is to allow yourself to surrender to your body, to your breath and to this moment. Dedicating yourself to allow the movement to be what it is and to surrender yourself in moving with it.

No matter how much time you have in the morning, there is always time to move: Invite yourself to put on 1 song every morning for just a week. To fully commit yourself in dancing to this one song, before you go off into the rest of your day.
Give yourself these 5 minutes of crazy time!
Dance your anger, your sensuality, your tiredness, your joy, playfulness, sadness, gentleness, your gratitude etc.
When finished, take a moment to allow the movement to come to stillness and notice the inner movements as your body comes to rest. Allow life to move through you in this way, without having to do anything about it, simply surrendering to your own aliveness. 

This is part of the ‘Holding [space for] yourself’ series, in which I share practices of how to move with compassion and love through moments of transformation and transitioning – to move more in tune with your own nature with the ever changing cycles of Life.

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