Holding Space [for yourself] #4 // Create


“Take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

Emotions are energy in motion. Whenever you feel stuck, desperate, lost, overwhelmed etc.: Create something!
It doesn’t matter what and it doesn’t matter how. It even doesn’t matter if it is beautiful or if you finish it. Pick up your pencils, your musical instrument, get out your paint, start writing, start drawing, fix yourself a healthy meal or brew a cup of your favorite tea.

When we get up and start creating, energy starts moving. Creating can be meditative and is calming for our mind, emotions and nervous system. But creating can also be explosive, when we throw all our emotions in it and allow them to move our hands, to move our bodies and to express our voice.

Have you ever been scared to do something and then gathered all your courage and did it anyway? Can you remember the strength that was unleashed with it?
Or can you recall a moment in which you were so angry that you felt you could break down everything around you?
The energy with which we can destroy everything is the same energy as with which we can create everything. In moments when we take a leap of faith, in which we step into the unknown, in moments that we close are eyes and just let go, in moments of showing up even when we are ashamed/ feel guilty, in moments of rage – notice the strength and the fire that is running through your veins.

Fire burns away, destroys, purifies and transforms. Can you feel your inner fire burning? The passion for a certain project, the passion you have to conserve nature, to clean the ocean, to be kind to your neighbours, to help out refugees, to make people smile and see how beautiful they are, the passion you have to safe all animals from being harmed, the passion to make the world a more harmonious, peaceful and beautiful place.
Or maybe your have felt your inner fire in the anger you feel for all the times that you let someone cross your boundary, all the times that you didn’t speak up for yourself, all the times that you putted yourself down. And now you have come to the point that you are so done with it that you simply make a different choice. So you pick up your pencils and start throwing paint over you canvas. You pick up your broken heart and turn it into art. Rawrrrrrr…..!!!

This is part of the ‘Holding [space for] yourself’ series, in which I share practices of how to move with compassion and love through moments of transformation and transitioning – to move more in tune with your own nature with the ever changing cycles of Life.

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