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By connecting with our Body, we are connecting with the felt experience of life that lives through the body. We connect with the unique stories that live inside our body: with our longings, our desires, with our traumas, with our beliefs, with our values, with our authentic, free nature and with everything that keeps us from living from our uniqueness. The story of our bodies, connects us to the greater story of the Earth, to stories that we share collectively and yet, are all experiencing in our own unique way. Our body connects us to our intuitive nature, to the cyclical patterns of nature, to our natural rhythms… and invites us to start listening and moving with them.

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My Services

1-on-1 Coahing

We all have experienced and carry trauma to a certain degree – in which ‘trauma’ refers to all the unresolved emotions and unfelt feelings that are influencing our thoughts, our behaviours and keep us feeling ‘stuck’ in unconscious patterns, loops and fight/flight/freeze responses. It are these traumas that often make us disconnect from our body, disconnect from our feelings, disconnect from our Hearts and start running life from the head. In order to heal, to embody our wholeness, we have to reconnect with those parts of ourselves that want to be felt by us, that want to be seen by us, heard by us and that want to be welcomed by us. It all starts with allowing what arises to be there. So that we can feel it and by feeling it, we no longer have to run away from it. It takes courage to look at these shadow parts of ourselves, but it is from this place of compassionate acknowledgement what is here, that we can start to grow and learn from the deeper messages that these wounds are trying to communicate to us. So that we can start experiencing that life is never against us, but is always nurturing and taking care of us in our continuous process of growth, learning, discovery and becoming our most empowered, free, authentic, loving Self.

Alternative Therapy Eating Disorders

Conscious Relating

Group Workshops & Ceremonies


  • Inner Child Work
  • Embodied Awareness practices
  • Shadow Work
  • Somatic Experiencing 
  • Ancestral Work
  • Heartcoherence Techniques
  • Nature
  • Natural Medicine
  • Breath
  • Conscious Relating
  • Shamanic Practices & Rituals
  • Movement & Touch
  • Working with Sound & the Voice
  • Creative Expression

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