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The Essence is at Ease

With the passage through the Lion’s Gate, finding ourselves in the midst of Summer with nature coming to fruition all around us, the portal days

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We can build a relationship…

We need to build relationships in order to feel our way home. To build a relationship with our inner voice, our inner knowing. Build a relationship with our bodies, with our minds, with our Hearts… We need to …

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Growing Confidence

Growing our confidence starts often with baby steps and sometimes asks us to take big leaps into the unknown. It invites us to step into our unknowingness and feel all the big and small things that create …

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This Time We Will Win

This time we are all gonna win. There will be no losers, no one will be left behind. In the past we have left our families behind, were abandoned by loved ones and have exiled members of our own communities to places beyond …

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Dear HUman, dear You

Dear human, dear YOU, I would like to take the opportunity to express my love for you. To tell you what I like about you and how amazing you are. All I would like to ask of you, or invite you to, is to be receptive to this …

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Get In Touch

Get in touch. Get in touch with yourself. Get in touch with your thoughts, with your emotions, with your feelings. Get in touch with how you touch yourself and allow others to touch you. Get in touch with everything that has …

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