Holding Space [for yourself] #6 // Everything is here to help you

Everything is here to help you

Everything is here to help everything. When we look at nature (and therefor at ourselves as we are an inseparable part of Her) everything has its inherent purpose. Every plant, animal, insect and all the elements are continuously exchanging information, resources and nutrition with one another. They serve each other and they sustain the whole of our planet with their interconnectedness.
So it is within ourselves that everything we experience, feel and sense is serving us in sustaining our own wholeness.
Every fear, every pain, every desire, every loss, every spark of inspiration, every emotion, every creation, every challenge, every death and (re)birth are all here to help us re-member who we are.
As someone who knows the depths and darkness of our human psyche, who knows what it feels like to face the parts in yourself where you feel disconnected from your essence, who knows what it feels like to feel locked up inside your own existence, who knows what it feels like to feel that the only way out is by stepping out of this life – I can say from my own experience:

Dear one, the only way out is in and through.
Life is never against you, but is in full service of you.

To come home deeply within yourself. Deeply within your body. To face the pain, to face the shame, to face the guilt, to sit with the discomfort and to look even deeper inside.
Because you won’t find who you are and your sacred purpose outside of yourself. You can only deeply feel it from your heart, from your womb, with your body, with the whole of your being. And all of the fear, uncertainties, doubts, challenges, but also all of the magic, the wonders, the joy, the connection, the people you meet and the people that have you left behind, everything that has fallen apart and everything that you’ve build – whether this is a house or the thought and behavioral patterns that kept you safe when you were young… Everything is here to help you.

This is part of the ‘Holding [space for] yourself’ series, in which I share practices of how to move with compassion and love through moments of transformation and transitioning – to move more in tune with your own nature with the ever changing cycles of Life.

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