Holding Space [for yourself] #7 // Give yourself space

Give yourself Space

“The moment we can start to give ourselves more space to be, it is from this space we gift ourselves that in a more effortless and natural way beautiful things can occur..”

Plants and trees reflect back at us so much of our own true nature. When looking at trees, you will notice how there is a certain space in between them. There is space so their trunks can grow wider, there is space for their roots to spread in both horizontal and vertical ways and when you look at the tops of trees you can spot small and large gaps in between them. Trees know how to give each other and therefor themselves space to grow.
As human beings we are very much like trees. We learn to root ourselves more deeply in the ground of our being over time, so that from there we expand our latitude.
However, in today’s society and because of our childhood conditioning we get easily challenged to give ourselves space and to allow ourselves to take up space. There is always more to do and as soon as we crossed off the last thing of our list, we often get caught up in just creating new lists with more to do. There might be fears that if we don’t do all these things, we won’t be able to pay our rents, buy our foods or that we will miss important opportunities that make us succeed in whatever it is we feel committed to do.
For some of us this can create so much pressure, that the cortisol – the stress hormone – in our bodies get heightened and before we know it we are operating from these stress hormones, feeling tense, worried, fearful and pushed around.
In the past we might have been able to work with this and to push ourselves through it all. But as the energies on the Planet and within the collective consciousness are shifting, we are invited to make our quality of BEing our main priority. We are invited to allow ourselves to create from a place of centeredness, of peace, of effortlessness and of spaciousness. The moment we can start to give ourselves more space to be, it is from this space we gift ourselves that in a more effortless and natural way beautiful things can occur.
Instead of thinking about everything we THINK we have to do, we can allow ourselves to FEEL what feels right for us in every moment. Instead of worrying if and how everything will work out, we are invited to be present. Moment by moment, step by step.
So the next time you feel your thoughts running into to-do-list mode, take a moment to pause. Breath consciously for a few minutes. Brew yourself a second cup of tea. Go for a walk in the forest first thing in the morning. Meditate. Commit yourself to a practice that brings you back to your true nature beyond the illusions of doing and accomplishment.
You are already perfect exactly as you are, in every moment. Give yourself space to explore, to learn, to grow and most important of all to play. To bring lightness, joy, passion, gratitude and love into everything you do. And when you find yourself worrying again, take a moment to look back at how far you have come and to appreciate the journey that makes you the unique expression of love that you are.

This is part of the ‘Holding [space for] yourself’ series, in which I share practices of how to move with compassion and love through moments of transformation and transitioning – to move more in tune with your own nature with the ever changing cycles of Life.

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