Individual Support

Through our experiences in childhood, but also later in life we start to shut down certain parts of ourselves, because it feels to unsafe to express them in that moment. Such as our gut feeling. Our society encourages us to live in our heads, to put things in boxes and creating a false sense of security by attachments to certain things, situations, dynamics and people. When we live in our heads, we live a disembodied life. So in order to come back to our sense of self, we have to descend back into our body, back into our hearts and back into our sensitive nature. ‘Sensitive’ has gained a somewhat negative connotation, but with ‘sensitive’ I refer to our ability to sensitise ourselves to life, to the present moment, to our intuition, to flow, to the wisdom of our heart… We do so by coming back to our senses and to feeling what is going on inside our bodies.

The Session

During the sessions you are invited to bring in anything you would like to look into more deeply. Situations you are confronted with, thought patterns, emotions, behaviours, relationship dynamics and/or any parts of yourself you have a hard time accepting and embracing.

I facilitate a space of non-judgement. Instead we will use compassion and curiosity to go deeper into what is beneath your experience. This means getting back in touch with your body and feeling where certain things live inside your body. Things that can come up:

  • Making it safe for you to get in touch with your body and feel your feelings
  • Inner Child work & Reparenting
  • Trans-generational trauma
  • Transforming belief systems & thought patterns
  • Grounding practices
  • Embodied Awareness practices
  • Freeing your authentic expression
  • Working with your Creative Genius
  • Conscious Relating & Radical Honesty

If this resonates with you and you would like to book a session, you can go to my contact page here. Or you can send me a message there with any questions your might have or to ask for a free 20 minute get-to-know each other call.

The sessions happen online through Zoom/Skype, at your home (note that I charge additional travel costs of €0,22 p/km), or in Harskamp (Veluwe)