The Body Story

I believe in the self-healing ability of every body – whether you are dealing with physical dis-ease, mental dis-ease, trauma and/or addiction. We all carry the human potential within ourselves to live our lives from a heartfelt place of truth, of authenticity and a sense of feeling at home within ourselves and within the world we live in.

Through our body we can get in touch with who we really are. The body is our connection to the Earth, to life itself. We experience life through our senses, through our feelings, through our breath… However, there are things that make us dis-connect from our bodies: stress, trauma, addiction, anxiety, shame, guilt etc. Within every body lives a story that has shaped who you are today. The stories that live through us shape our lives, shape our reality. So by changing our story, we change our lives and contribute to shaping the future for the generations to come.

The body is like this living, breathing library filled with wisdom, sensitivity, guidance, experience and memory. When we are centred and grounded within our body, we are receptive to our intuition, our inner knowing, our gut feeling and are in touch with our felt sense of this present moment. 
However, within our bodies we carry the memories of our experiences of the past that can cause us to disconnect from our body, disconnect from the Earth, from trusting ourselves and tempts us to live from our heads. The journey back to ourselves invites us to descend back into the body and reconnect with everything that lives there. To start feeling what wants to be felt, listening to what wants to be heard and welcome what wants to be seen. 

It is this journey inward to allows us to discover everything that we covered ourselves with and makes us disconnect from ourselves. Childhood traumas, trans-generational trauma and past-life experiences: echos of the past that make us feel insecure, feel guilty or ashamed, anxious, that make us give away our power, run into addictive behaviour and outer distractions, seek for validation and approval outside of ourselves, grasp for illusionary securities, create co-dependency and make us believe we are unworthy, unloveable and never good enough. 

By deepening presence and connection with our bodies, we can start to feel when there is tension, when to body gets aroused and what the sensations within our bodies are trying to tell us. We can start to hold space for ourselves by making it safe for ourselves to be in our bodies, to feel our feelings and listen to what stories we are telling ourselves – without judgement and with a willingness to meet what is behind the stories with compassion. 

I am currently in the process of starting a project of sharing people their ‘body stories’ to raise money for people who are dealing with mental health issues and low incomes. Because the treatments I offer are not funded by their health insurance. If you feel like you want to contribute to this by sharing your story, please contact me through my contact page. And/or if you want to donate already you can do so by making a banktransfer to SAMA Medicine NL35KNAB0403227984 stating ‘donation the body story’ or through Paypal at

Thank you so much for your support to this work. Together we can create a more embodied world and heart coherent world.

“The hero within each of us is nurtured by our willingness to step beyond definition and surrender to a direct, unmediated encounter with Being.”

– Philip Shepherd