SAMA Medicine offers a safe, held, loving container to explore and discover how to live with greater balance, inner peace, presence and love. To support you in empowering yourself to listen to your own inner voices of wisdom, guidance and truth – and follow your own rhythm. Because you are your own greatest medicine…


Individual Sessions

A session is a space for you to be, to be heard, to be welcomed with all that is alive in you. Whatever it is you bring into the session, what is most important to me is that you feel safe. Safe to be yourself, safe to share and safe to feel your feelings when they arise. During a session I will hold space for you, by first of all listening to you. From what I hear and feel I will offer questions, reflections and tools to support you on your walk through life. What I refer to as ‘the body story‘ is an invitation to connect more deeply with your body, to listen to what your body has to tell you. Recognising, acknowledging and exploring what is alive in you, allowing it to be there and learning how to empower yourself to make different choices, trust your process, trust your feelings, connect with your own rhythm, your own truth and your own heart. It starts with embracing fully where and who you are in life. Welcoming all of life and learning that all of you is welcome in life.

An individual session takes 2 hours and will take place at my home or through Skype (or otherwise discussed, see disclaimer).
Pricing individual session 2 hours: € 111


Duo Sessions

Relationships are great teachers and mirrors. Whether you are in an intimate relationship, business relationship or you want to work on the relationship with your mother, your father, your sister, brother or a dear friend. During these sessions I invite you into stepping into a conscious, feeling based relating with each other. Maybe you want to deepen your connection, cultivate greater intimacy together, have more vulnerable, honest conversations with each other or are facing challenges which you don’t know (yet) how to move with them. Together we will create a space for both involved to share, to listen to each other, to listen to your own truth, feel your own feelings and authentcially express yourself from the heart.

To empower both of you in taking responsibility for your own feelings and experiences and to learn to communicate about your desires, needs, fears and boundaries. Learning to listen what is behind the stories you tell yourself and touch into deeper layers of your own truth. Growing, learning, transforming together – showing up in the relationship with honesty, vulnerability, respect and compassion. To grow, learn, transform and deepen connection as empowered individuals, seeing the beauty of the unique being within each other and within yourself.

A duo session takes 2 hours and will take place at my home (unless otherwise discussed, see disclaimer)
Pricing duo session 2 hours: € 144

Group Workshops & Ceremonies


Holding Space Circles

Life is always changing, always transforming. People are waking up from a long sleep and are choosing to live from their hearts. More and more are we shedding layers of old beliefs and conditioning that aren’t serving anymore. As more light is flooding our Earth and our consciousness, so too are the hidden, forgotten, abandoned and exiled parts of ourselves brought into the light of our awareness. For us to be seen, to be heard, to be welcomed, embraced and transformed. To walk the Path of the Heart is not always easy and doing ‘the work’ can be challenging, confusing and confronting. So how do we navigate through the process of becoming and how do we learn to embrace and love those part of ourselves that we’ve surpressed and pushed away, because they seemed unloveable?

During the Holding Space Circles I offer tools to learn to hold space for yourself (and others).  Each circle starts with a practice I share, after which the space is open for you to bring in any topic or issue you would like to discuss and work on. 
The magic of circle work is the coming together of all these different reflections of ourselves. From experience I can tell that whatever you will bring into the circle, is of greater good to everyone joining. We are all in this, contributing our own part and we are all walking each other home. 

The circles will take place every month online through Zoom and take 2 – 3 hours. There is a sliding scale to gift anything from your heart between €22 – €44. Send a message to sign up. After I have received your payment, you will be sent a link to the Zoom meeting. 



Cacao (‘Ka-Kaw’) has been called ‘Food of the Gods’ and is drank in ceremony by the Mayas for ages. An old prophecy says that when the world is out of balance – when people are mistreating the trees and abusing the land – Cacao would rise and come out of the rain forest to open their Hearts. To guide them back to love and to recover the harmony and balance between the people and the Earth. Cacao is non-psychedelic plant teacher that opens your heart, tickles your inner child enhances your creativity and focus. It is rich in Theobroma, Anandamine, Phenethylamine (PEA), Tryptophan, Serotonine and flavanoids – which enhance cognition, stimulate blood flow, increase heart rate, lower blood pressure and can cause a natural ‘high’, inducing feelings of love and bliss.

People experience often that cacao deepens connection from a more heart-centred place. It deepens connection with themselves, with each other, with their inner child,  with nature as well as deepening connection within any practice they might be involved in, such as: toning and singing, breath, movement, meditation and any form of creative expression to name a few. They experience to grow in their ability to listen, to feel their feelings and to express themselves from their hearts.

Cacao is safe to work with on your own, at home and to discover you own way of working with her. You can work with her in the practices mentioned above, as well as in little self-love rituals and/or to share and connect more deeply with loved ones. And you can ask for her support in any creative project you are working on. For support on this, send me a message. 


On my Facebook page you will find upcoming events or you can sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page, to be informed through mail about upcoming workshops and ceremonies.
Contact me if you would like me to facilitate cacao at your event, retreat or in the comfort of your own home with your loved one(s).

“This is the living vow: to show up with increasing presence for the moment.
To make an honest encounter wiht your longing at every turn. To listen to it, learning which way the energy of your life wants to go. Paradoxically, it is in our emptiness – another way of saying willingness – that we become full. It is in our being fully were we are that we are put in touch with our next becoming.
This grows you.”

– Toko-Pa Turner