The Body Story

Our body is our connection to the Earth, our connection to life. It is through our body that we are able to experience life. It is a home for our intuition, for our inner knowing, inner guidance and for our felt sense of this present moment.

The body is a living library filled with wisdom, sensitivity, guidance, experience and memory. It remembers the experience of birth, the experiences from your childhood, the experiences of shock and trauma, it remembers the ways in which it has been touched and moved and it even remembers the experiences passed down by your ancestral lineages and/or other lifetimes. Our bodies carry around the records of the past, while simultaneously offer us a doorway into the sacredness of this present moment. 

By deepening presence and connection with your body, you can listen to the stories that are stored within your body. Stories that may have left a deep imprint within your body and your psyche and that make it challenging to transform self-limiting thoughts, obstructing behavioural patterns and unhealthy (relationship) dynamics that keep playing out in your life. Stories for which we can learn to hold space, to feel our way through the stories and to move into a presence and beingness that is beyond the stories.

The Memory of the Body

Through our upbringing, conditioning and set of beliefs we have become separated from our inner and outer nature. This feeling of being separate is at the root of the fear of death, fear of loss, of change and fear for uncertainty. We try to run away from the fear by trying to control everything in our lives. In search for a false sense of security, we never really become fully alive or become who we know ourselves deep down in our hearts to be. We have to learn to disentangle ourselves from this control-based way of living and this fear-based way of thinking. We can learn to trust ourselves again, to trust in our own rhythms and to trust in the natural currents of life. 
The body remembers this belonging to the world, to life. It remembers its connection to the Earth from which it came and it remembers its connection to the nature to which it belongs. And so it is that we can wake up from our ‘trauma’-world and remember our own connection to life, to the Earth and to all of nature.

Your experiences can be traumatic in the way that they can leave a deep imprint within your psyche and within your cells and tissue. This imprint can be the unconscious driving force behind certain patterns, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Just like we can get addicted to certain substances like sugar or nicotine, so too can we become addicted to certain thoughts and feelings. Not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically does the body become addicted to these. You can break this addiction by recognising, acknowledging and exploring what is alive in you, allowing it to be there and learning how to empower yourself to make different choices, give your body new experiences, connect with your heart and create new neurological pathways within your brain. But it starts with embracing fully where and who you are in life.
Welcoming all of life and learning that all of you is welcome in life. 

“The hero within each of us is nurtured by our willingness to step beyond definition and surrender to a direct, unmediated encounter with Being.”

– Philip Shepherd