This Time We Will Win

“By loosing all forms of false identity,
allowing our worlds of distorted perceptions to be blown apart and be reborn from its ashes.
We will stand once again on fertile ground and look at the world with new eyes.”

artwork by unknown

This time we are all gonna win. There will be no losers, no one will be left behind. In the past we have left our families behind, were abandoned by loved ones and have exiled members of our own communities to places beyond the borders that we confined and have defended with so much force. We have fought against each other, we have fought against ourselves. Because we didn’t recognise ourselves anymore in the eyes of an other. So when we declared a war against the enemy, we didn’t realize we were turning into our own worst enemy. Every time we started a war against something outside of ourselves, a war on drugs, a war on terrorism, we have further internalized the war that raged on inside of us. And every time we shot a brother or sister down, we died a little more inside…
Brothers have fought against brothers, sisters have fought against sisters. We have fought against our masculine self and we have fought against our feminine way. We have resisted our greatest internal allies, because we were seeking for outside validation.
We have been fed with fear since the moment of birth and so fear is what we have been run by. Fear has made us conditional: ‘if only… then this or that will or will not happen’. Fear has told us that some things are only available to some people and therefor that some roles are better than others. Fear has told us that we have to do more, be more, give more, receive more, change more, or otherwise we will be left out. Fear has told us to stay inside, to lower our voice, to be like everyone else or otherwise…
We have feared that there is no place for us in this world, that there is not enough for us, so we started to gain as much as we can for ourselves and protect it with our lives so that no one would take away from us what have had been working for so hard. The more we had, the more we had to defend and fight for.
But this time we are all gonna win…
We will loose all false hopes, beliefs and attachements. We will loose our feelings of unworthiness, of shame, of guilt. We will loose our feelings of being left out and of walking as an exile through our inner landscapes – were we abandoned our traumatized selves – and we will loose our feelings of being alien to the world we live in.
By loosing all forms of false identity, allowing our worlds of distorted perceptions to be blown apart and be reborn from its ashes. We will stand once again on fertile ground and look at the world with new eyes.
We will realise that the game of life is not a competition. There is no way to win this and there is no way to loose. We will realise the nature of this game we are playing and instead of being ruled by unconscious patterns we will rule as kings and queens within the Kingdom of the Heart. Embodying our sovereignity, with reverence for our own hearts, that of others and the one big heart in which all beats as one. In every moment using our senses to observe and experience the ever lasting moment of now. Using our freedom of choice to choose love over fear, to choose peace over war, to choose to lower the self-depriving voices inside of us and allow the authentic wisdom from our bodies, our pelvis, wombs and from our hearts to speak through us. We will recognise ourselves in the world and recognise the world inside of us. Knowing that this is not a separation, but rather a dance between polarities that make up the whole. Continuously interacting and exchanging to weave the fabric of our reality. It is the power in diversity that makes us thrive and evolve. A LOVEvolution that will dance its dance till the light of the last star in the galaxies has faded, before it blasts into a new creation and the whole dance starts all over again. Spinning round and round into infinity.

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  1. padma

    Exquisite message, writing, energy. Just exquisite. Thank you.

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